Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A New Spin on an Old Favourite

Quick share:

We've been playing an old game a new way in gym.  We call it "What letter is it Mr. Wolf?" (although I'm sure there is a more witty name out there).  The kids really like it.

Just like "what time is it Mr. Wolf?", the kids ask what letter and take one step for each letter.  It forces them to say and move to the alphabet in a rhythmic pattern.... not just following the beat of the ABC's song.  They are starting to realize that elemeno isn't one letter.... and they are learning where letters are placed in the alphabet by seeing how far they go once a certain letter is called and having to choose a letter that is appropriate for the distance (ie.. if they're close, you can't pick 't').  We haven't quite figured out what to say when it's "LUNCHTIME..." for now we say "ALPHABET SOUP!!"

We also change it up by doing crab walks, bear walks, bunny hops or crawling instead of taking giant steps.  Anything to get those little guys sweaty.  ;)

It's not up for game of the year or anything... just wanted to share it with you.

Happy Albhabetting.  :)