Saturday, June 4, 2011

Preschool Spaaaaaahhhhhhh Day!

It all started with a fleeting idea: "wouldn't it be fun to make a salon centre and paint finger nails and do pony tails?"  And we allowed the thought train to get TOTALLY carried away.... and it was soooooooo awesome!

On Thursday we had "SPA DAY" in Preschool.  One little guy was calling it "spot" day.  Awwww.  We gave massages, pedicures, manicures, hair-do's and refreshments.  It was the most fun day at school EVER!  The kids (and staff) were SO very into it... we literally kept the spa going until the end of the day. The novelty didn't wear off, and we put our schedule on the back burner and just enjoyed the moment.

Here are some photos.  Each photo that is used doesn't identify the children.  I wish I had permission to show full faces... because there are some very adorable shots.  :)

Here are some cuties enjoying the pedicure station.

And EVERYONE wanted nail polish... toes and fingers.  We didn't have any gender restrictions.  And parents were ok with it.  And I'm guessing that the boys will still have their green and blue (and pink for one) nail polish on when they come on Monday).

And the "refreshment station" was a hit.  "Jimmy" (my margarita machine) came to visit... and the kids make sundaes out of the home made ice cream they had made the day before.  It was AWESOME.  One little girl didn't put her blue slush down once.  Adorable.

The massage station was the best.  They loved getting AND giving little massages.  And near the end we had everyone on the carpet... pants rolled up... getting totally gooped with scented lotion.  What a cool sensory experience for these kiddos.  It was great.

And of course, we dimmed the lights and played relaxing massage therapy music the entire morning too. I wish I could share a photo from the hair station... but I don't have any without kids faces.  :(  

I have the BEST job EVER!!!!!    Spa day will DEFINITELY be a classroom experience for years to come.  

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