Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Seriously... can you believe that they PAY us to play?  Best. Gig. Ever.

The last couple of days have been rainy... and the next few are SUPER busy... so we took advantage of the slump and had a little sensory party.

It all started with a Mentos and Diet Coke EXPLOSION.  We have done this before.... but this time we used "Steve Spangler's Geyser Tube."  The package doesn't lie when it promises a 25 foot spray into the air.  Check out the video.  I bought the "geyser tube" at Michael's... with my coupon it was less than $6.  And I paid less than $2 for the bottle of diet coke.  And that my friends, is the most fun you can have for under $8.... guaranteed!!!

Here are the Nylon Splats... watch THIS VIDEO for a "how to" video from The OOEY GOOEY LADY.

And some Salad Spinner Art... easy peasy..... always different... always SOOO FUN to make.  I "borrowed" this idea from a blog... that I can't find now.  So I shall say "source unknown" to avoid any law suits.

On the muddiest day yet, we read "Mrs. Wishy-Washy" and made a class book that went with the story.. using REAL mud... from the REAL outdoors.  I know... it's crazy... but so are we.  Thank you to Mrs. Carolyn for coming up with this awesome idea.  Who knew mud could be so "educational."

Last, but not least.... the CLEAN MUD... another idea from Lisa Murphy, the "Ooey Gooey Lady."

This is SUPER EASY to make.  It's just bars of Ivory soap (put through a cheese grater), toilet paper and warm water.... awesome... and CLEAN!

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