Thursday, June 9, 2011

Returning to my ROOTS

YIPPIE and YAHOOOOOOOO... I am heading back to Kindergarten.  I am so excited.

Just last week I was given the green light... and I have had my Kindergarten Thinking Cap on since.  I have been stopping by the spare garage to look at the boxes and boxes of resources that are waiting to come out of hibernation.  I had a chat with my puppets... "Hey guys, guess what?  You're off of Pogey!!! You're GOING BACK!!!"  I swear I could see the excitement in their eyes.  ;)  What?  I know what you're thinking... "what a nut... she talks to puppets."  But nobody makes fun of people that talk to their plants.... so I'd say that talking to a puppet is totally acceptable.... after all, they have mouths.  :)

This is "Stylin' Stewie."  He's been my colleague and friend since University.  He is most excited to get back in the game.

Bailey Bear is really excited too.  Poor Luke thinks that Bailey is HIS bear.  I guess he'll figure it out.   This is a picture of Bailey before his first day of Kindergarten....  we have BOTH changed a lot since this picture... yikes!

I think that Teaching Kindergarten is just like riding a bike... you never forget how... and when you start back up, you remember why you loved it so much in the first place.  :)

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