Monday, June 20, 2011

929 Is a Lot of Anything!

So, today I did something UNTHINKABLE... we went on a field trip... and I didn't. take. any. pictures.  Crazy, I know.  Well, actually I took ONE... of a grandma and her sweetie with HER iPhone... but that doesn't count.  I was itching, but fought the urge.

Today marks the exact 3 month anniversary of my preschool job.  In that time I have taken 929 pictures!!!! Well, I have taken many more than that.... 929 is the number that is left after I deleted the junk photos.  And this weekend I was busy finalizing and burning the (18 minute) memory DVD that I am giving to the staff and students as a parting gift AND the giant envelope of pictures that I printed off for them.  So, as of today, I declared that I was not taking another picture.  GASP..... the staff in the room doesn't think I can do it.  I'll show them!!

So... more about the "field trip."  We went on a CITY BUS RIDE.  That's it... no destination, no time frame, no clue where the bus was even going.  We walked outside, saw a bus, RAN for the stop, got on and rode.  Once we got to the big bus terminal (which was the highlight) we asked which bus would take us back and we boarded that one.  WOW... WHAT A RUSH!!  The looks on the kids' faces said it all.  They were in AWE.  The pully string to let the driver know you want to stop, the bumps at the back of the bus, "whoa, look, a tire shop," "hey, dat my dad work," and "WOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW look at dat big riber (river)"... it was a creek.  And, of course, we saw "DONALD'S" (McDonald's).

It seemed silly to have no destination.. .but the kids loved it.


It's killing me to post this without a picture.

But I shall resist the urge.

Killliiiinnnngggg mmeeeeeeeeeee.


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