Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Teachable Moments

The boys were begging for a trip to Five Guys and Tommy Gun's today. So we went... Just the three of us. 

They love the peanuts at Five Guys. They can scoop them by themselves and throw the shells on the floor. What more could a guy ask for. 

Jake was sure that all of the bags under the peanuts were MORE peanuts. You know, because "people love the peanuts so much so they need lots of extra ones." I told him that they were actually potatoes. 

"Why do dey need all of dose potatoes??" 

When I told him they use the potatoes to make fries you would have thought I just told him that Mickey Mouse was in the house! His eyes got huge and he exclaimed, "whoa!!! I never knew I loved potatoes so much!!" He had a million questions and theories about how it all worked. How did the farmer pick them? How did they get to the store? How do they turn them into fries? Etc. 

It was a long shot... but my mom taught me that the worst anyone can ever say is no... So I went to the counter and asked if the boys could see the potato slicer. 

She said "YES"!!!!!! 

What happened next was totally awesome. The manager went I to great detail about how to put the machine together, which parts are sharp and why there are parts that are greasy. She took them to the bags of potatoes and let them each pick one out. She let them each cut their potato in the machine. She encouraged them to try a bite of the raw potato. She showed them how to clean up after their job. 

I had no idea that my little question could spark a mini- field trip for the kids. 

Next time you're out and your little ones have big things that they're wondering about I hope you'll take the time to help them get the answers they're looking for. "Experts" are all around us... We just need to ask.