Friday, June 8, 2012

Second Annual SPA DAY!!

What started as a random thought last year, has turned into an annual tradition.  I think that I will have a Spa Day EVERY YEAR... no matter what grade I'm teaching.  Even grade 12 kids would love a spa day (not that I have ANY aspirations of ever teaching grade 12, but you never know).  I encourage you to set up a similar experience for the short people in your life.

They L.O.V.E.D. it.  Even the macho boys that said they didn't want to come to school because "Spas are for girls" were right into it.  One of those boys even went on record saying, "I love Spa day, this is the best day ever!!"

Here are some photos.

See.... not just for girls. :)

Certain stations were really popular... so we needed an appointment book.

Even the dinosaurs were getting massages.  Yes, that's a BBQ brush, but it feels nice on your skin.

Yoga Station

We were blessed to have a real hairdresser come in... she came up with some very cool styles.

Mrs. C is getting the royal treatment.  
Mrs. MJ mixing up the (virgin) margaritas.