Friday, February 24, 2012

TOP TEN: Teacher's Convention

Top Ten Things I learned at Teacher's Convention this year:

10.  A session on iPad apps will always be bad if the wifi connection isn't working.  That poor presenter.... what do you do when your WHOLE session is web based?  :(

9.  I still don't know what a MOODLE is... but I probably should... so I didn't put my hand up and ask.

8.  The wraps in the cafeteria are just as awesome as they were in the olden days, you know, when I was in college.  They are more expensive now.... but worth every penny.  I also found out that Betty retired.  She made the best wraps.

7.  "The success of the education system can be measured by whether or not our kids move back into our basements after college."  Profound words from a wonderful session with Yong Zhao (

6.  It's not as hard to find a parking spot when you show up 20 minutes early.  Who knew?  I wish I would have known that when I was a student at MHC.

5.  "We are all born leaders.  But the ones that stand out are those who can be leaders day after day, even when nobody is watching."  Thank you Cassie Campbell for your brilliant keynote address.  And thank you for bringing back such strong memories and making my eyeballs sweaty with THIS Olympic montage.

4.  "The professional code of conduct applies 24/7... there is no "on your own time" when you chose teaching.  When you are a teacher you are a role model... of you don't want to be a role model.. don't be a teacher."  Great learning in the E-Liability session.

3.  It's always great when a huge group of teachers come together to learn and share.  It's nice to catch up with old classmates and colleagues... and to see the new faces as well.

2.  I will never get tired of looking at the art displays.  It's a great place to steal ideas be inspired to come up with new and better projects to highlight student abilities.  

And the number ONE thing I learned at Teacher's Convention is....

Recess and lunch are still my favourite subjects (much like my students).  It makes me sad to think that schools put so little emphasis on these lovely SOCIAL times for our kiddos.  

Thank you to all of the people that made the SEATCA 2012 Convention so awesome.  You're the BEST!

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