Saturday, October 8, 2011

Plan C

"Plan C" will forever be known as "Plan Carolyn."

This lady is amazing.... and, well, that is a gross understatement.  Carolyn is "the speech lady," but as anyone who knows her knows, she is sooooooo much more.  Carolyn brings excitement and learning to EVERYTHING.  

Let me tell you about how she saved the pumpkin patch day..............

Our initial Pumpkin Patch farm visit had to be cancelled because of a school scheduling conflict.  We begged a local pumpkin farmer (can't name the farm because I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate every Kindergarten teacher in the city calling them for tours and free pumpkins).  The date was set... I couldn't go (meetings)... so "Mrs. F" (the sub) was up for the challenge. 

Everything was set up.  Nametags out.  Bus booked.  Reminder bracelets sent home.  Gardening scissors ready.  Camera battery charged.

And then... it rained.... and rained... and rained.  

I sent the Plan B plans and moved on.... knowing that this just wasn't our year for pumpkins.  :(

And then, CAROLYN GOT AN IDEA (I love when that happens).


Send 2 moms out to pick up the pumpkins from the farm.
Move the tables out of the middle of the room.
Lay down a giant tarp.
Skipping ropes for vines.
Everyone cut out a paper leaf to attach to the vine.
Read "It's Pumpkin Time."
Kids take a pumpkin and attach it to their leaf.
Smile for a picture.
Read another pumpkin story.
Everyone takes their pumpkin home.


Thanks Mrs. Carolyn.  I am so blessed to have you on our team.  

Thankful is an understatement.  

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  1. Wow. Totally amazing. I pray W has a teacher like you!!