Thursday, October 6, 2011


Look at these leaves... same plant, same vine, same climate, same hours of sunlight per day, same amount of precipitation...... but VERY different otherwise.

I've been admiring the changing leaves a lot this fall.  But over and over again, I find myself pondering why certain leaves and trees change sooner than others.  I'm sure that a Horticulturalist could explain the process to me using fancy terms like photosynthesis and chlorophyll.... but I prefer to use this 'phenomenon' as an analogy (I kind of have a thing for analogies... maybe you've noticed).

The group of trees represent different cities.  Each Tree represents one school.  Each branch represents a classroom in that school.  Each leaf is a student in that classroom.

By now you're either thinking that I'm nuts or you're intrigued.  Either way, you're still reading... that's positive  ;)

It's amazing how closely nature represents humans in this scenario.

2 leaves.
Side by side.
Both getting EXACTLY the same thing.
Both facing the same "elements."
But both reacting TOTALLY differently to their environment.

Same goes for students in a classroom, classrooms in a school, and schools in a city.

It is POSSIBLE to give each student EXACTLY the same programming (not smart... just possible).  But even when doing so, each child will respond differently to the teaching style, the physical environment and the social situation.

So, instead, I challenge you to treat every leaf on your trees as beautiful and unique.  Give each one of them exactly what they NEED... not exactly what everyone else is getting.

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